Sunday, 17 June 2012

Spring Beauty Review 2012: Chanel Roses Ultimes De Chanel

Ok, this is coming a little late but these glosses are just too pretty not to talk about! Chanel's Roses Ultimates De Chanel collection new for Spring includes 6 Glossimers and 4 nail polishes. If shades of soft pinks and rosy shades tickle your fancy then you will love this collection. I've always been a fan of Chanel Glossimers because the finishes are gorgeous. For the most part, they come in pretty sheer shades which is why I love adding them as a finishing touch. The shimmery sparkle catches the light so nicely!
Amour (top) and Jalousie (bottom)
I got to test out Amour and Jalousie. Amour is a pretty pink with gold shimmer. Jalousie is stunning! Love the bright fuchsia and the strong pigment really surprised me because Glossimers are usually sheer. Out of all the shades Jalousie is the must-have that you need or should (yes, I am here to encourage your addiction! ahh!) add to your lip collection. It's just that beautiful. What are your favourites from the collection? Products were sent for editorial consideration and I truly love them!

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Themed Beauty: Vapour Organics Summer 2012

I can see a theme happening in my make up bag for this coming July, I have about 3 new makeup in a stick! Be it the perfect bronzer like my purse staple Bobbi Brown face Touch-Up stick or just about everything from the Vapour Organics Spring/Summer 2012 collection. You can get this set of Vapour's cosmetic at Sphora KLCC. Vapour's offer a bonus to their user with the formulas use are made entirely with certified organic plants, minerals and vitamins that treat your skin and give it some color. Vapour basically defines as "Healthy" make up category.
So the sticks, We have trick in Orbit, a brightening white blue highlighter for cheekbones, brow bones, bow of the lip, and inner corners of the eyes. The slim applicator makes this so user friendly and Vapour infuses the Trick Stick with anti inflammatory herbs so skin looks so healty and naturally lustrous. The orchid pink stick is Mesmerize Eye Shimmer in Provoke this one stunned me out, as you always fear a little bit looking red or tired with pink eye color but the purply undertones make this so unique. It is like a special treat for the eyelids. The formula deliver antioxidants, and Provoke is super brightening. PROVOKE + MASCARA = All you need to look fresh and AWAKE! :)
And the last best stick is Siren Lipstick in Au Pair. It is a velvet berry color that is rosy on my lips. it is the one of those colors that brightenss up everything but doesnt look like i'm wearing lipstick. I love it when that happends, don't you? Vapour also revamped this already awesome formula with a new botanical infusion. We're talking about lemon balm, pomegranade, rose buds, jojoba oil and essential gatty acids. It is not fair to call this just a lipstick, clearly we will add lup smooting and conditioning to the list with a side of tastes great.